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Vaccines for Bovines

Vaccines Large animals- Bovines


Anti-rabies bovine vaccine

Against rabiesin cattle, sheep, goats, horses, dogs and cats, composed of a suspension ofrabies virus, PV strain, inactivated bybetapropiolactona; producedin cell cultureand absorbed byaluminum hydroxide.


20ml and 50ml flask.

Store intemperature of 2 °Cto 8 °C.
Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.


Vaccines Large animals - Bovines

Labovet’s bovine vaccines you keep your pets updated on their health preventing diseases and also ensure the integrity and good image of your business. Updated vaccination is important, and every breeder should keep it in mind. But this is not enough. We must ensure that the applied products in your bovine are highly quality. Labovet’s line is full of confidence; it is no coincidence that the company is in the market for over two decades, a trend of full responsibility and respect for their customers. When you search for vaccines for bovine, make sure to purchase and use Labovet’s products. The health of your animals and your business will thank you.

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